Snow demo

Landscape by Milind Mulick

This demo shows the use of warm and cold blues playing specific role for this snow scene


You can find this demo on Youtube at

Watercolors Painting

The Sketchbook by Linda Baker

Plan your own sketchbook

In this video Linda Baker tells us about the importance of the sketchbook for her, and some ideas to have our own.
This video can be found in Youtube here

Watercolors Painting

Urban watercolor – 簡忠威畫室 水彩示範

Urban scene

This is an excellent demo of simplification and tonal values handle by 簡忠威畫室 水彩示範

In case you have problem with your iPad to see the video, follow this Youtube link

Watercolors Painting


Demonstration of a non usual technique

Just a portrait?

Susan Avis Murphy shows us her technique. Good to see the watercolor running, and the use of stencil brushes to remove paint and begin to create the miracle.

During the first 20 minutes Susan Avis Murphy explains her technique. This was a live demonstration

This video can be found in Youtube.

Drawing tips

Tips that may help you

In this video, Stan Miller shows some tips for drawing, it may help you in some circumstances

This video can be found in Youtube

Watercolors Painting

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