Mop Brush, a good version

The king of brushes

Mop brushes are a must in your tools, at least you must have and enjoy one of them.

Today we present the “Art Secret” 25RQ series

Art Secret Mop

Art Secret brush

These Mop brushes differ in 3 aspects with traditional Mop.
– it has a long handle, and this is a good characteristic, including the total weight
– it uses a traditional ferrule
– low price, yes, low price for an excellent product

This 25 RQ series, uses squirrel hair and holds lot of water and pigment allowing large washes. Also the point is really sharp. You can use just one brush for the entire painting if you need.

Watercolos Painting



Mission Gold Class Watercolors

Brand Evaluation: Mission Gold

We had the opportunity to evaluate this Watercolor brand, and were pleasantly impressed. But first of all let’s see characteristics.

Artist Quality

Mission Gold watercolor is the brand for the artist quality watercolors by Mijello company.
There are 105 colors available, but this is not just another brand. It has some unique features you will love.

great color uniformity

Photo from Mijello website

Modern Pigments

Modern and non-toxic pigments have been selected to create this wide range of colors.
The non-toxic (non-Cadmium) goes in order to protect artist health as well as to mitigate environmental pollution.

Mission Gold Watercolors are manufactured without chemical fillers or additives. As  a result of this fact, colors are vibrant, pure and transparent.

The way we tested Mission Gold

You can obtain Mission Gold Watercolors by individual colors (105) or use sets already boxed in 9, 12, 24, 34, 36 or on a special set of 26 single pigment color tubes.

In this opportunity we used the 24 colors set, a sufficiently broad set to test. Of course when you take a look at the complete watercolor chart offered by Mijello, you will be tempted to try some other enticing colors.

The following was the palette with fresh colors ready to be used, (palette also by Mijello)

24 watercolor pallete

Palette ready to be used

Colors were loaded from warm to cold. We used the watercolors fresh loaded and also after being completely dry to check the behavior.

Our opinion after using Mission Gold

The first thing you will find with each color is its color strenght and transparency. You will be delighted with the density of pigment. Just a bit of pigment and you will have enough to paint a large area with consistency. We suppose it will last longer than other brands taking in consideration same content of ml.

Even when the pigments were completely dry on the palette, the use with a wet brush was excellent. The mix of pigments is good, on the palette or on paper wet on wet.
As with any new brand you try, some mixes can differ in resulting color, but you will find the perfect match any way. I was used to mix utramarine blue and burnt sienna to obtain a “grey”. In this case I had to mix ultramarine blue and red brown or burn umber to obtain in both cases good “greys”. On the other hand, I enjoyed the burnt sienna itself being a strong and transparent wonderful sienna.

The range of warm colors is excellent allowing a wide range of colors by mixing with the “cold” ones. As for the blues, with the exception of ultramarine deep blue, cerulean and cobalt blues were a bit more similar than expected, anyway not a problem. Indigo was the “coldest” blue and I used it a lot, I really was tempted to use it.

Greens and violet were really good.




In conclusion, this is a highly recommended brand you will enjoy. Whether you want a watercolor of vibrant colors as if you prefer a more tonalist result, Mission Gold will give you the opportunity to achieve the best results.

Other interesting colors available, are in my opinion, the semi-transparent and semi-opaque Jaune Brilliant, Shell Pink, Lilac, Lavender and Cobalt Turquoise.
If you like violets, there are a variety of colors you can choose.

You can find additional information on products at Mijello website.

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Alvaro Castagnet – Talleres en español !

Workshops en Español

Por primera vez, Alvaro Castagnet dictará dos talleres en español, en Almería.


Estos se llevarán a cabo en Septiembre 2015, del 23 al 25 el primero y del 26 al 28 el segundo.
Las plazas son limitadas, por lo que en caso de estar interesado en participar, inscríbete ya.

Por mas información por favor dirigirse a:
Galería de Arte Trino Tortosa: +34 667428338

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