Portrait: half the face? unexpected colors? you will complete the painting

 Watercolor portrait demo


In this demo by Roger Simpson, you will find unexpected colors in a portrait and a way to suggest,

Watercolors Painting

Free image to paint – Budapest

This skyscrape from Budapest is free to use for painting, as a contribution of WatercolorsPainting.

It will let you practice buildings and atmosphere. Click on the image to have a full size to download. Good painting !!


Budapest downtownWatercolors Painting


Painting trees, a way to do it

A new watercolor demo to start the week

This watercolor demo by Grahame Booth, shows his way to paint trees and get the lights. You can get some ideas to include into your own technique

Watercolors Painting

A demo that will change your mind

Demo by Direk Kingnok

A watercolor demo by Direk Kingnok, using chinese kind of brushes and wet on wet will make you think your next watercolor

Watercolors Painting

3 demos you will enjoy

We have selected these 3 demos by Anders Andersson

Video 1

Painting with brushes and more…

Video 2

Is this a portrait painting?

Video 3

Painting with just 1 brush… in several ways…

Watercolors Painting

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