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6 Brushes in these 2 sets were selected by Fabio Cembranelli, take a look

Two essential Sets

Known artist Fabio Cembranelli selected the best Escoda brushes for his work. He selected 6 brushes, that are offered in two sets. You can complete any painting, any size using these brushes. These are the Fabio Cembranelli’s Escoda Signature Brushes.

mop brushes

Fabio Cembranelli Set 1

This set contains 3 Mop Brushes of synthetic squirrel hair. Size 10, 14 and 18 will let you work any size of watercolor paper.
These mops are great for two reasons, they hold a lot of water and pigment and let you paint large washes, and at the same time, point is so sharp that you can paint the finest details with them. The synthetic hair is really similar to the natural one, on all properties. This is a very recommended set.
These are selected from the Ultimo series.

flat brushes

Set 2

Flat brushes are also used in every painting Fabio Cembranelli creates. The synthetic characteristic is usefull to remove pigment when needed and even the reappearance of the white of paper. Fabio worked hard to find the exact firmness to let him work flowers in the best way. Size of these flat brushes 3/4″ and 1″.

This set also contains a rigger round size 2 that Fabio uses for the calligraphic strokes that distinguish his paintings.

Here you can see Fabio Cembranelli at Escoda headquarters testing his brush selection.

Cembranelli working


Where can you buy his brushes? look at Fabio Cembranelli Blog

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