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An artist in San Sebastian – Juankar Cardesin


An amazing creative artist

Juan Carlos Cardesin will amaze you when you explore his work. This time we want to thank famous artist Nicholas Simmons for letting us use his description about Juankar and his art. as follow.

We introduced recent paintings  by Cardesin (click on images to enlarge) within Nicholas Simmons words:

“Juankar Cardesin is an artist in San Sebastian, Spain. It would hardly scratch the surface to refer to him as a watermedia artist because his work is all over the map — not just medium-wise, but also in subject matter and handling. It’s hard to put into words what he does, it really must be seen. And felt. However, following the initial shock of stumbling over his blog, I came to two conclusions about his art:

1. He is absolutely fearless, or, alternatively, he is terrified of everything.
2. He is an extraordinarily sensitive person, responding like litmus paper to his environment.

paisaje con publicidad - landscape with advertising

paisaje con publicidad - landscape with advertising by Juankar Cardesin

I should explain. I believe Juan will paint or draw anything, and in the way he feels at the moment — something that is very, very difficult to do without succumbing to self-doubt, and that artistic governor that shuts down the motor when things get too far afield.
There is an honesty in that approach that is enviable. But in attempting to analyze it, I wonder about the presence of a yin yang gene that, instead, drives the artist through fear and awe; fear, if nothing else, in the prospect of losing an idea or precious flash of inspiration. This is a raw artist, exposed nerve endings in a constant state of flux, without buffer or filtering mechanism between heart and canvas. This guy won’t make you question whether or not he is an artist, but whether or not you are! And that, is scary.

interior con botella - interior with bottle

interior con botella - interior with bottle by Juan Carlos Cardesin

In artspeak, Juan might be characterized as a sort of Expressionist-Deconstructionist-Minimalist, with notes of Picasso, Schiele, Mauricio Lasansky, and Euro-trashism.
Decay is a major feature in much of his work, be it human or industrial.
The painting above (note: you can see it at Nicholas Simmosns blog), Hidden Landscape IV, is watercolor on Martele Damier paper, which is a synthetic surface similar to Yupo. This painting arrived on my doorstep out of nowhere last December, which tells you something else about the artist: he’s a wonderful and generous man.

paisaje cercano - close landscape

paisaje cercano - close landscape by Juan Carlos Cardesin

We’ve become quite good friends via the Internet, and it was my loss last fall when my planned trip to San Sebastian fell through.
I did experience a Cardesin-induced near-cardiac-arrest when I beheld his magnificent Shining Mountains while judging the Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolor Biennial

Parque de juegos - playground

Parque de juegos - playground by Juan Carlos Cardesin

Going to Juan’s blog is always a chest-pounding adventure, you never know what you’re about to see. And good luck trying to keep up with him — he’s incredibly prolific!
He has what a departed friend of mine, jazz pianist Fred Williams, used to call “the worm.”
The term refers to musicians and artists who are so compelled to create, they simply cannot stop, cannot rest. I’ve said that true artists are explorers, and Juan Carlos Cardesin is one of the trailblazers.”
You will find more works and links to Juan Carlos Cardesin in Expogaleria

Watercolors Painting


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