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Anders Andersson – Watercolors from Sweden

When watercolors have just the brushstrokes they need


Original name: Vatterstenar

Anders Andersson lives in Sweden, and his watercolors are direct, seem to have few brushstrokes, and in fact, have what they need, not an easy task.

Anders Andersson says:

“How come you get stuck to watercolour? For me its about curiosity and an exiting travel in chaos and order. The colour hue, the paper, the moist in the brush, the individuality in colours and your feelings make the watercolour so direct. You are always a few brush strokes from a flat muddy mixture with no interest. Sometimes the colour seems to blend in a chaotic way. And under the drying process the character change every second”

Let’s enjoy another watercolor

From a series of sea water

Sea water, a watercolor from a series

For more information and works visit Anders Andersson website.

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  1. HEllo ,i am an painter from iran ,i like very much to contact with sewden artist ,plesae response thanks best regards artist amir from iran

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