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Bob Hague – Portraits

The portraits and the light

Bob Hague -star

Bob Hague - star

Bob Hague comes from a family of artists, and has lived in Florida most of his life.  His interest in art has been a lifetime experience.

In the late 90’s he began an in-depth advanced study of watercolor painting.  Studying past watercolor masters and the principals of design and color theory has brought him to this point in time.  He considers himself an emerging watercolor artist with the following comment:

I paint mainly in transparent watercolor that reflects changes in light and color.  My paintings range from the impressionistic to the realistic, directing the viewer’s eye with color and tone.”

Portrait by Bob Hague

Bob Hague - Carolyn

Over the years he has frequently attended advanced watercolor workshopsHe currently teaches workshops on watercolor portrait painting and provides watercolor art instruction to individuals.

Portrait by Bob Hague

Bob Hague - portrait

He has been commissioned to paint portraits and Florida landscapes.  His paintings are on display in private and corporate collections.

Bob is the past president of the Central Florida Watercolor Society, an associate member the Florida Watercolor Society and an associate member of the National Watercolor Society.

The following is a self-portrait

Bob Hague - Self Portrait

We invite you to enjoy his work at his Blog

Watercolor Paintings

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