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Carmen Gardner

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When you talk to Carmen Gardner, it’s obvious that she is in love with Maui, and when you see her paintings you confirm that.

Canna - Carmen Gardner - Maui artist

Canna – Carmen Gardner – Maui artist

Since arriving on Maui in 1981, Carmen Gardner’s artistic journey has led her through ten years as a popular radio personality where she explored her love of
music . . . and the next decade as an actor/director, including a summer at England’s Royal National Theatre where she studied with Sir Ian McKellan and other “British  Masters.”

And now, she has come full circle … back to her first love: painting.

Hula Celebration - Carmen Gardner
Hula Celebration – Carmen Gardner

Carmen has always treasured the creative “process,” the “getting there,” more than  the arrival at a final product or performance.

To that end, she is now honored to be sharing the adventure  with the many “Maui Masters” who make the Valley Isle their home. She hopes her art reflects the “spirit” of the islands.

Carmen’s award-winning art has been featured in several juried exhibitions, including the most recent:

• Art Maui Annual Juried Exhibition, 2010
• Malama Wao Akua Juried Exhibition 2010
• Viewpoints Gallery Invitational Exhibition, “Celebration of Hawaii, 2011”
• Art Maui annual Juried Exhibition 2011
• Malama Wao Akua Juried Exhibition 2011
• Art Maui Juried Exhibiton 2012
• Malama Wao Akua Juried Exhibition 2012

Kumu - Carmen Gardner

Kumu – Carmen Gardner

When asked for her reasons to paint she tells us

When folks ask me why I paint, I’ve wondered myself at the answer . . . what should I say?  Because it brings me joy?  Because I want to share that joy with others?  The answer comes to me every time I pick up a brush.  Every time I mix a color or watch pigment mingle on the canvas . . . I realize then, it is about the process.

For me, the deeper meaning in what I paint, lies in my passion to preserve the Maui I discovered when I came “home” in 1981.  The greens are greener here, the ocean bluer, the skies full of drama and light . . . but the true Maui is in the kama’aina, the kupuna who are leaving us.  They are the spirit behind the word “aloha,” they are teaching me to see.  I hope to continue learning to view Maui not only through the eyes of an artist, but through the aging eyes of her beautiful people, and that I may one day come close to adequately saying with color and shapes that which I cannot adequately say with words.


Day After the Last Thing 16X20 Carmen Gardner

Day After the Last Thing 16X20 Carmen Gardner


You will find additional information at her Website including publications, works and classes by Carmen.

Watercolors Painting

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