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David Taylor A.W.I F.V.A.S

Watercolors Painting

Australia and a recognized watercolorist artist


David Taylor (A.W.I.  F.V.A.S) was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1941 and at present he lives in the Victoria countryside to the southeast of Melbourne.

David painting career expands many years of studying the watercolor painting art and he teaches his love of the medium to painters in Australia and overseas since the late sixties. You can imagine how many watercolorists evolved from him.  You can find the workshops schedule in his website to find the more convenient to you in Australia, Eurpe or US. An additional option you have is to buy one of his instructional DVD’s “Solving the Mystery of Watercolour”.

David Taylor loves to work on location and his artworks show his love for spontaneity, shape, light and color.

He obtained numerous achievements including more than 100 important awards, and in 1989 the Distinguished Leadership Award for outstanding service to Watercolour and Teaching from the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, and also a certificate of merit for the distinguished service to the community, that tells a lot about David Taylor work with and for watercolor.

In 2010 David Taylor was the Australian representative of a five countries judging panel for the Shanghai International Watercolour Biennial and at present two of his works are part of the National Collection in China.

It’s time to enjoy some of his watercolors and what David tells us about them.

Golden Moments Murrurundi by David Taylor 100cm x 65cm

Golden Moments Murrurundi by David Taylor 100cm x 65cm

(you can click on the image to  have a zoom view)

David tells us “The filtered sunlight creates some magic moments that were waiting briefly to record. The Australian Landscape and its beauty .How Wonderful  the Country Glows in Summer”


Gathering Crowds Amalfi 73x53.5 by David Taylor

Gathering Crowds Amalfi 73×53.5 by David Taylor

“Perhaps I will say that in this painting I was inspired by the Scale and Movement of the scene before me.
It was like a theatrical moment and alive with action. How I  really love this Part of Italy and will be there again Next Year as a
Tutor for the International Artist 30Sept – 12 Oct
Come and Join me there.”

Click on the image and enjoy at full size. Take a look at those two figures in the middle bottom, and see how they appear from the background with a few magical brushstrokes.

It is worth visiting David Taylor Website

Watercolors Painting

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  1. Lyn Donovan, Director September 13, 2016 at 7:20 pm

    Hi David…I keep being asked by students in my program (Coastal Maine Art Workshops) when am I having you here to teach…I figured it was about time to approach you!
    I have an echo in my head that says I have asked already…forgive me if I have forgotten that…

    John Wilson, Joseph Zbukvic, Colley Whisson and Alvaro Castagnet have all been on my schedule…you can tell I like Australian instructors!

    I would be interested in exploring this with you…and happy to answer questions about the program .Generally it is all plein air (with a big studio fro back up) 5 day classes M-F. I pay fee, travel and food stipend, and provide lodging and ground transportation for you once in Rockland or in Portland (I have studio space in both) plus a full time Class Monitor.)

    Maine is a beautiful place to paint, and full of art; I’ve now run CMAW 11 years with top tier instructors, a reputation for attention to detail and personal attention, and would love to have you on the roster…
    do get back to me!

    Thanks, Lyn

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