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Dusan Djukaric, the painter of atmosphere

The artist

Dusan Djukaric was born in 1971 in Teslic, Bosnia and now he lives and works in Belgrade.

Dusan Djukaric watercolor zemun marine

Dusan Djukaric watercolor zemun marine

Very respected and esteemed master of watercolor painting, who dominates the atmosphere of the painting with ease, equally successful in all motifs: city and genre scenes, marines, nudes, landscapes.

He paints the world and events around us, introducing us to the great mystery of watercolor painting, the most difficult panting discipline.
He had numerous group and single exhibitions, including “Progres” Gallery and Museum of Ethnography, where the whole exhibition was sold out at the very opening.

He studied at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade. Dusan is the winner of a number of awards. He is enlisted in Dejan Djoric’s book “Reality in Art”.

About his artwork

Dusan Djukaric Belgrade watercolor

Dusan Djukaric Belgrade watercolor

Djukaric’s respect for the material, his religious and composed relationship with the precious paper, his concentration and seriousness while working, and his sense of responsibility and tenderness for everything he touches are impressive.

This master of the watercolour technique paints with a skill in an absence of skill, like Hasegawa used to say. His paintings, with their extreme stylistic purity, give out a presentiment, an impression, the rapture, and therefore they seem immaterial.

They show a way in which the colour is the emanation of the light and the depths in which the music of the art of the Far East had penetrated his Mediterranean sense.

Dusan Djukaric Novi Sad watercolour

Dusan Djukaric Novi Sad watercolour

In his sunny paintings, Djukaric is a poetic and musical artist with a fine sensibility. He insists on limited colours that are almost monochromatic. He cares for the Beautiful and the Beautiful is, according to Plotinus, “the blooming of the being”.

In his watercolour paintings, we find something of the Romantic conception of the Beautiful – something close to the Novalis’ idea that the world needs to be romanticized over and over again.
The fact that a geographical landscape defines permanently a spiritual landscape is confirmed in these refined watercolour paintings. A profound and sincere sympathy has created his big city scenes and Arcadian landscapes pervaded with a warm lyrical and musical spirituality.

Devoted to the cult of beauty and to a festive joy of a scene, this artist, a pure lyricist, manages to keep the power of an innocent view in a demonised world. We won’t find in his paintings anything impulsive or dramatic, there is only a reserved lyric as an expression of a calm, intimate temperament.

Dusan Djukaric Perast watercolour

Dusan Djukaric Perast watercolour

Djukaric’s landscapes are dematerialised by the musical colouristic fluids and the tender blueness. This artist knows how to bring the spirit of finesse and the lyrical detail to a conventional theme. The modulation of the object is all made of tender passages and half-tones. The musical artistic language that counts on the fluidity of the atmosphere and the tremulous volubility of the water makes all the difference in Djukaric’s art.
There is a profoundly Mediterranean serenity in these watercolours in which we recognize a refined lyrical poet with the ability to enrich his work with a warm lyrical elevation and the Arcadian colouristic eroticism.

Djukaric’s invention in watercolour painting is, therefore, substantially poetic and musical. His paintings are festivities of airy movements, they are very complex, balanced, light and alive, interspersed with nerves that show a pure artistic soul.

In the poetic, silvery atmosphere and the golden shimmering of these paintings, in the mysterious grey and sonorous blue of the colouristic music, the things seem to lose their objectiveness. This artist with his aesthetically purified watercolour paintings has reached the ancient Chinese wisdom of stopping the dynamics of a quick, gesture of a movement in just the right moment.
Dusan Djukaric is one of those authentic Mediterranean watercolour artists who “carry the Sun in their belly”. Therefore, in his paintings he goes through a “rebirth in light”. Also, his affinity for the watercolours is the matter of a profoundly internal disposition that is fundamentally spiritual, and not just something artificially acquired or learned.

Djukaric’s paintings, so open to the spaces of serenity, embody the most votive and the most precious things the artist carries inside. They are intimate and emanate a fine and elegant discretion and fluidity.
In Djukaric’s paintings, we see a successful harmony between the artistic skill and the nature of the artist’s spirituality.

Dusan Djukaric watercolor rainy Knez

Dusan Djukaric watercolor rainy Knez

Djukaric has learned from the impressionists the importance of light and reflection, and the fluctuation of light. The refined colouristic music of silver and blue scales, pearly tones and autumnal ochre show the spiritual delicacy of this artist who brings the vision of a joyous world, of intimate well-being, warmth and grace.

Djukaric succeeds in translate to a spiritually sensitive and discerning audience that musical emotion and the meditation of a landscape that intrigues him. In this way, Djukaric’s close intimacy becomes benevolent and becomes our own.

Source of information

This information about Dusan Djukaric was extracted from his wonderful WEBSITE
Maybe the most difficult task was to select just a few of his paintings, every painting deserves to be enjoyed and studied, so we strongly recommend to visit his website and take time to read and explore the gallery.

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