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Françoise AMET Aquarelles

Watercolors Painting


The background

Françoise AMET, born in 1960 in Brittany (France) lived in Alsace for 28 years and discovered the magic mix of water and pigments in 2006.

Without having been to any Art School, she found in the watercolour-technique the best way to express the nature of her personality.

The fusion of pigments, the mixtures on the paper, the surprises of the dancing water and the chance mishap delighted her from the beginning.

Her meeting with Xavier Swolfs in 2007 gave her nice perspectives and confirmed her choice of this medium to let her spontaneity free.

… and her artwork

decadence petrochimique - Françoise Amet

decadence petrochimique - Françoise Amet

Later some other talented watercolour-painters will teach her new techniques so that she will improve technically but mostly to develop her own view of things.

Nature is her main source of inspiration. Her favourite themes are landscapes in which she feels good, from the forests of the North Vosges to the marinas inspired of her native soil Brittany.

la pierre aux fées - Françoise Amet

la pierre aux fées - Françoise Amet

At the end of the world, there where the sea meets the sky is her love. She is particularly seduced by the space of the seashore where the eyes lose control.

She is sensitive to the charm of a break through the lights in the undergrowth, as well as by water sceneries with the shimmering play of light when trees get lost in the dark deepness of rivers and ponds.

etang de Zinswiller -  Françoise Amet

etang de Zinswiller - Françoise Amet

Her feminine and spontaneous watercolours drive us to the essential, our eyes are free for any trip where it feels good dreaming on the way between colours and white saved spaces.

Pigments, movements and subjects lead us to familiar “lands” in and outside ourselves.

The style of drawing is keen and dynamic with effects of projections. The colours are strongly contrasting and the atmosphere is sometimes dramatic and cold.

s'assoir et regarder Saint Pol  -  Françoise Amet

s'assoir et regarder Saint Pol - Françoise Amet

“Painting that moves you simply by what comes out of it…”

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Watercolors Painting

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