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Gerald Green – UK fine artist

Watercolors Painting·

Fine art and illustration

Along the Strand London - Gerald Green

Along the Strand London - Gerald Green

Gerald Green has been a professional artist in the UK since 1987, having originally trained as an Architect.

His watercolours and oils have featured in solo and group exhibitions in many public and private galleries both in the UK and abroad.

He was an invited UK artist for the 2010 Shanghai Watercolour Biennial. His work has appeared in ten books and he is a regular contributor to many of the popular Art magazines. A full CV can be found on his website below.

At his website you will find programmed workshops and exhibitions by Gerald Green, a good opportunity to learn from his great work.

October Sunlight Cambridge Circus London - Gerald Green

October Sunlight Cambridge Circus London - Gerald Green

Gerald Green tells us about his paintings

My paintings are impressions of places and events from everyday life.

Many are painted on the spot and are essentially personal responses to what I see.

My approach is to interpret the essence of my chosen subjects with an almost casual reality, rather than producing meticulously detailed likenesses of actual places.

Light is the essential ingredient that I use to energize and invigorate my work.




Winter Sun Colmore Row Birmingham - Gerald Green

Winter Sun Colmore Row Birmingham - Gerald Green



For me, success with watercolour lies in the realization that it can be brought to life only by gentle persuasion, rather than attempting to force it beyond its natural capabilities. The process of painting is then a delicate balance between exercising ‘control’ and ‘letting go’, so the medium does both what we want it to, whilst at the same time we allow it to behave naturally.
In my opinion watercolours should simply aim to catch the moment.

Paintings should show the essence of the particular subject without the appearance of being overlaboured, as if the paint has just fallen into all the right places. Although my aim is to try to recreate these qualities in my own paintings, achieving this with any degree of certainty is a lifetime’s challenge.”




Rio de San Lio Venice - Gerald Green

Rio de San Lio Venice - Gerald Green






Watercolor Painting


  1. i v much impressed the way he looks at the objects and sort of abstract view ..
    i hv his watercolour book and regularly keep seeing it
    wish he has more videos in you tube

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