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Gerda Mentens – Aquarel – Watercolor

Watercolors Painting Gerda Mentens graduated in 1980 as Secondary School Teacher of Plastic Ars at Sint-Maria Instituut in Antwerp.

During that time she was taught a wide variety of subjects such as observation, chromatics, modelling, composition, knowledge of materials, and aldo how to deal with various techniques, substrates etc.

landcape  Gerda Mertens

landcape Gerda Mentens


We discover in Gerda Mentens works, all of this background but most important, we discover her sensitivity in the way she works and dominates the watercolor secrets.

Gerda tells us “Eventually, and partly due to my training, I opted for aquarelle painting – a subject in itself. Throughout my quest I discovered that aquarelle painting is the cradle of the art of painting“.

street view Gerda Mertens

street view Gerda Mentens

In her opinion, there are a few other things to take ino account before you start painting, such as the use of Sketchbooks, a planned Composition, drawing and analytical drawing.

Gerda explains these points in her website Gerda Aquarel the visit to her website is a must.

landscape Gerda Mertens

landscape Gerda Mentens

The apparent simplicity implies a deep knowledge of the watercolor technique and a way to see the reality that only a true artist can achieve.

Gerda Mentens uses a color pallet of ten colors in pairs of cold and warm of each one.

Using several substrates, different brushes in shape and hair and way to use the pigment, Gerda obtains amazing watercolors.

landschap landscape Gerda Mertens

landschap landscape Gerda Mentens

There are watercolor lessons and watercolor workshops available by Gerda Mentens, you can find detailed information in her strongly recommended to visit Website

You also will find an exhibition of her art works

Watercolors Painting

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