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Guan Weixing – the way he works

Watercolors Painting·

Information and tips by Guan Weixing

Guan Weixing shares with us information about the way he works

Watercolor by Guan Weixing

Watercolor by Guan Weixing

1. Usually I use one certain watercolor paper: Bocking Ford made in England, 300lbs,cold and rough.

Before painting, I stretch my paper. The key point is try to water the paper thoroughly, watching it for 10 to 20 minutes, and stretch it until there is no fold at all.
2. The most used watercolor palette is the Winsor & Newton made in England, and not many. In my palette there are only ten or more.

They are:
Ivory Black 331
Sepia 609
Cadmium Red Pale Hue 103
Permanent Rose 502
Viridian Hue 696
Ultramarine 660
Prussian Blue 538
Burnt Sienna 074
Yellow Ochre 744
Lemon Yellow Hue 346
And I may add some according to the subject, such as: orange, violet, Green and blue and so on.

3.The brush is mainly “HUazhiqiao”, a brand made in China. Besides, i have some broad brush and small ones to deal with the details.

Generally speaking, the British Winsor masking liquid is at hand to protect the details.
In my opinion, different people use different tools. They will works well as long as you get used to them.

4. Muddy and dead
The problem of be muddy is the shortage of water.

You may do an experiment: mix any muddy color in the palette with plenty of water, you will get very beautiful and transparent color. Therefore, try to use plenty water and try to use more transparent colors, less opaque pigments.
The problem of being dead lies in the drawing, lack of the change between the real and the false.

You can solve the problem by improving drawing.

Gazing - Guan Weixing

Gazing - Guan Weixing

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Watercolor Painting

Watercolor painting



  1. PRAVIN PRAJAPATI July 7, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    dear sir
    i see your water colour portrait work it’s excellent
    i love see it more and more. and i know it’s very difficult to handle water color. one time in my art school i love to do this media and portrait also
    but here in india a quality handmade paper are not available. i mean it’s quality is not good as you are using. if any suggation form you sir ?
    my name is pravin prajapati. and i am form vadodara, GUJARAT – INDIA

  2. Alexander Brebner, 21,Silverknowes view , Edinburgh, Scotland. July 23, 2016 at 5:22 am

    I enjoy your art ,I also do watercolour portraits,as an amateur! But I do paint in your way, What I would like to know is watercolour paper is it allowed to stretch after wetting? wetting both sides, what do you do if the painting is not finished and how do you re-wet the paper ??do you clip or staple paper to board at any stage?Whatis procedure from beginning to end for the stretching process? It can make a big difference.
    I try and finish my water colour in one go, but to finish off, do you re/ wet to finish off ??on one side.or justthe board?.
    I used to put the paper in a bath lay it on a board and clip it BUT I don’t you do that,
    Some advice please?! I bought your DVD’s from North Carolina usa ,agent,and just think theyare terrific!.

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