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Hyperrealism – Marco Picci


Hyperrealism in Watercolor


Microcosmos - Marco Picci

Microcosmos - Marco Picci

Marco Picci was born on the 14 agust 1974 in Carbonia (Province of Carbonia-Iglesias, former province of Cagliari) in the heart of the Sulcis region, in the South-West of Sardinia; he lives and works in Perdaxius (prov. Carbonia-Iglesias), 9 KM from Carbonia.

Drawing since 1992 and using from pencils to Chinese ink, it wasn’t until 1995 that Marco concentrated on watercolor painting.


Hyperrealism is not usual in watercolour due to the difficulty of this technique but, at the same time is the medium of transparency by excellence.

Several works include the known  Coca Cola bottles and one point in common we found in all his works is an amazing technique.

You can watch some videos showing Marco painting one of his watercolours at his website, highly recommended to watch and learn his way of painting.

through the void - Marco Picci

through the void - Marco Picci

As Marco Picci says:

“I have always been fascinated by realist painting, from the Renaissance masters, those of the 17th Century (Caravaggio, Artemisia Gentileschi etc.), the 19th Century (Ingres, W.Turner), painters and graphic art masters of the 20th Century (Pietro Annigoni, Renzo Vespignani) to those of the european (Franz Gertsch, Gerhard Richter, Luciano Ventrone) and american hyperrealists from the begining of the 1970s (Richard Estes, Robert Bechtle, Ralph Goings). From the latter of these, I have taken ideas for some of my recent watercolor pictures, a rather unusual technique for this style (for which oils and acrylics are normally used).

In fact, my own personal research is aimed towards uniting the naturalness of colour,transparency and the very softness of the water-colours to produce an extremely photorealistic image of the subject, obtained by meticulously working on details and emphasising the contrasts.

I attempt to obtain a balance between dark-light contrasts and the strength of the colours. The colour has to «emerge» from the picture and grab the viewer’s attention. It is in this way that my research into water-colours is at the moment differing from the more classical way of using this technique, like a flood involving all the water-colours fading away into an undefined line.

My love for watercolors includes all its techniques and it forces me to explore other aspects which have always been some what under-rated».

Sara lost in thoughts - Marco Picci

Sara lost in thoughts - Marco Picci

Article by Marco Loi

The following is what Marco Loi has written about Marco Picci and his works:

“Marco Picci is at the same time a progressive and traditional hyperrealist painter . He differs from the American school of the 1960’s-1970’s chiefly for the technique employed, namely watercolours  instead of the more conventional oil or acrylic on canvas. By using this medium, Picci intends to accurately recreate reality, as human eye perceives it, trying to represent on paper the very moment when the image has rubber into the viewer’s mind.

The smooth and transparent colour makes the hyperrealist style even more poignant, highlighting the subjects with great strength. As a result the watercolour becomes the protagonist, witch occupies an extremely significant position in the process of artistic creation.

Picci’s personal style is best shown in what is his “trademark”, present in several of  his paintings, a depiction of the glass bottle of the famous brand Coca-Cola.  This icon-witch is among the most Popular of the Twentieth century- becomes the main theme of his criticism, consumerism seen through a simple bottle that embodies an object whit a strong appeal but devoid of real values.

The social criticism of Marco Picci is equivalent to that of great American hyperrealist masters who often are a source of inspiration for the Sardinian painter.

Watercolour, criticism of the modern culture and an obsessive attention to the detail are the traits that both distinguish and witch are able to capture the attention even of the more absent-minded audience.”


Hibiscus with Coca Cola - Marco Picci

Hibiscus with Coca Cola - Marco Picci

We strongly recommend to visit his WEBSITE where you will find more information and artwork of this artist.

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