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Javier Zorrilla

Watercolors PaintingWatercolors from Spain


Javier Zorrilla, Born in Madrid (Spain) studied painting in the workshops of the painters José Luis Ferrer and Teresa Muniz. Talleres del Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid (Workshops of the Fine Arts in Madrid).

Mercadillo de Navidad - Javier Zorrilla

Mercadillo de Navidad – Javier Zorrilla


Javier Zorrilla is a member of the Association of Painters and Sculptors, Agrupación Española de Acuarelistas (Spanish Association of watercolorists) and Agrupación de Acuarelistas Vascos (Association of Basque watercolorists).

He teaches watercolor workshops at the Cultural Center of Guadalajara IberCaja. He also teaches at the gallery Becuadro of Madrid. He has given numerous workshops fairs in various places in Spain.

Paseando por Bravo Murillo - Javier Zorrilla

Paseando por Bravo Murillo – Javier Zorrilla

Javier has received a long list of awards among which we mention the first prize painting Timanfaya National Park, First prize Juan Fontanal watercolor, Watercolor Award of Caja Madrid “Madrid Threads,” First Prize “Villa de Mijas” , Tisa Award Tormo in Watercolor, Watercolor award pimer MAP and MAGRAMA etc

His work has been acquired by institutions like Ferrandiz Foundation, Municipalities, National Museums of Watercolor or National Heritage.
He has been selected to represent the Spanish Association Biennial Watercolor on watercolor Spain, Italy, Mexico, Norway, Colombia, Canada and Korea.

Palacio Real - Javier Zorrilla

Palacio Real – Javier Zorrilla

A characteristic of his painting is light achieved in every scene he paints. With a loose style, he does simplify complex scenes allowing the viewer to complete the picture in his mind.
You can find more information on the activities of Javier Zorrilla and new paintings by accessing your blog, enjoy it.

San Martín - Javier Zorrilla

San Martín – Javier Zorrilla

Watercolors Painting

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