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Jennifer Wu, from East to West

Watercolors Painting·

Influenced by East and West art

Afternoon Kitchen - Jennifer Wu

Afternoon Kitchen - Jennifer Wu

Jennifer Wu was born in Beijing, PRC.

She used to live in Canada (Montreal & Toronto) and now lives in Seattle US.

Hutong to Tea House - Jennifer Wu

Hutong to Tea House - Jennifer Wu

Jennifer tells us about her art:

“Growing up in China and living in the West, my love of watercolor comes how I feel the media connects both of my worlds – East and West.

I’ve never been to art school. On the contrary, I’ve been a computer programmer most of my adult life.

Watercolor to me is more an expression than a technique. Watercolor is an expression of free spirit.

Looking West - Jennifer Wu

Looking West - Jennifer Wu

I first fell in love with watercolor when I read Trevor Chamberlain‘s “A Personal View”. Seeing his watercolors was a magical opening to me. I started to paint soon after that, around year 2000.”

She attended workshops with Eric Wiegardt, Alvaro Castagnet and William Hewson.

Her paintings show brush economy to achieve the wonderful loose abstraction of the scenes she paints.

We can find more information and artworks at her Website

Seattle Coffe Corner - Jennifer Wu

Seattle Coffe Corner - Jennifer Wu

Watercolors Painting


  1. Love the freedom that you achieve and wish there were photos to compare or see what inspired. It is interesting for me to see what you abstracted. I think that watercolor painting is like golf; the fewest strokes wins.

  2. Susan (From the Vin Scelsa list) March 17, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    I really like your artwork, Jen. I took the first art classes I’ve taken since elementary school about a year ago — watercolor — and loved it. But nothing I did came out anything like these. But it was lots of fun.

  3. These are fantastic. I do watercolors too, but I don’t have near the freedom/control you have. Such a delight to the eye, as well. The tea house piece is so vivid, so raw but with so much detail. Again, fantastic.

  4. Jen, my favorite is “Seattle Coffe Corner.” It makes me want to drink there and see the upstairs apartments.

    (Who grew up with Rick in the Bronx)

  5. Laurie D'Alessandro March 19, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    Jen, I find your watercolor scenes very inviting! Lovely. Thanks for sharing the images.

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