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John T. Salminen NWS, AWS.DF

Watercolors Painting·

John Salminen, art from Minnesota

Kansas City Produce - John Salminen

Kansas City Produce - John Salminen

John Salminen is a signature member of numerous art societies and has won more than 190 awards in national and international exhibitions including the AWS Gold Medal in both 2006 and 2010, the Silver Star first place award in the National Watercolor Society Exhibition in 2005, the Skyledge First Place Award in the Transparent Watercolor Society of America Exhibition in 2010, the Silver Medal of Honor in the Allied Artists 2009 Exhibition and the Biennial Award in the Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolor Biennial in 2010.

John is a frequent juror of national shows and has been conducting workshops for many years.

Detailed upcoming workshops can be found at his website.

Morning Fog - John Salminen

Morning Fog - John Salminen

John tells us about his art

“When I’m in a big bustling city I’m fascinated by things that often go unnoticed by the city’s residents.  This happens, in part, because my home and studio are located in the quiet solitude of the northern Minnesota woods – about as far removed from New York’s Lower East Side or Downtown Los Angeles as it’s possible to be.

In large urban areas I feel visually bombarded.  I use my Canon EOS 40D digital camera with a zoom telephoto to help me discover and create compositions out of all of the visual chaos.  The telephoto enables me to crop and compose, eliminating unnecessary or competing detail.  Once I’ve found a composition I like, I face the challenge of translating that image into a convincing painting.


Rainy Day Times Square - John Salminen

Rainy Day Times Square - John Salminen


As source material, photos can record detail but they often lack the emotional impact of the original experience.  It becomes my responsibility as an artist to breathe life back into the work – to recreate for the viewer the sounds and smells, as well as the sights.  To this end I often change colors, add or eliminate figures and details and dramatically alter the light quality and mood.  My ultimate goal is to impart some of the excitement I experienced as I discovered the wealth of images generated by daily life in the city.”

You can find more information about John Salminen and his art at Salminen website

TKTS - John Salminen

TKTS - John Salminen

Watercolor Painting

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