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Lélie Abadie – portraits with emotion

Watercolors Painting

The magic of Watercolor in the hands of Lélie Abadie

Ayla - Lelie Abadie

Ayla – Lelie Abadie


Lélie tells us

“I was born on 06 October 1938, Khouribga, in Middle Atlas, Morocco, I taught in the French cultural mission until 1961. Then I returned to France. In 1980, comes my passion for watercolor that attracts me by its sobriety and poetry. I work tirelessly this wonderful technique that does not allow any retouching and I do so with courage and I released full-length on this adventure. Certainly at this time I planted my roots in a universal land, which belongs to everyone, that is art. The issues that concern me are the time that passes, the human faces and its mystery, everyday questions.”

Béatrice - Lelie Abadie

Béatrice – Lelie Abadie


Lélie has participated in multiple exhibitions both collective and individual. You can also find the exhibitions programmed for this 2012 at , a must go if you can, to admire her art. You can find not only portraits in her work, but no matter the subject what you will find is the magic of watercolor and Lélie emotions shown in each painting,  you can’t stop looking at her watercolors…

Berger Berbère - Lelie Abadie

Berger Berbère – Lelie Abadie

In an interview done at the Magazine Practique des Arts Nº 58, Lélie says about the models for her paintings: The models are members of my family. The sketches are taken alive, but my work is at the aterlier. I like to work in the tranquility and solitude of my atelier.

Canicule - Lelie Abadie

Canicule – Lelie Abadie

It is highly recommended to visit her website and study her wonderful work. You will find additional information on exhibitions and workshops available as well as a great collection of paintings, this is the Website

Watercolors Painting


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