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Marcio Correa, from Brazil to US

And from pastels to watercolors…

Marcio Correa is a brazilian artist, living in US and reaching all the world with his watercolors.


Marcio Correa - Another Day Goes By

Marcio Correa - Another Day Goes By

Landscapes and figures are part of his painting world, but what is better than listening the artist talking about his work? so here are some of his thoughts:

“Watercolor painting is very much like a partner dance: As you lead water with pigment across the paper, it will follow you, but will do its own moves.

You do your part and then watch the other half unfold before your eyes, at times in panic, but most often in wonder. It is this blend of creation and exploration that makes watercolor so fascinating in both its process and results.

Marcio correa - Stroll On Pearl Street

Marcio correa - Stroll On Pearl Street

Initially a pastel artist in my native Brazil, I started practicing watercolor about twelve years ago, after my move to Colorado.  My learning the medium has been mostly self-taught but it also includes a few workshops with renowned artists, such as Alvaro Castagnet, Mark Mehaffey and Mel Stabin.

My favorite subjects have been street scenes and landscapes, both local to Colorado and from trips abroad and around the country.

I prefer to work on site whenever possible and my goal is to suggest, rather than to depict detail. This leads to paintings that are fairly realistic, with some looser, more abstract or stylized elements.

I am very curious, so I often try my hand at different styles, and venture into other subjects such as figures and portraits.

Marcio Correa - Silverton

Marcio Correa - Silverton

In 2008, I entered my first juried exhibition. My work has been selected into many shows at local, State and National level since then. I am a signature member of the Colorado Watercolor Society.

Marcio Correa -Silos in Blue

Marcio Correa -Silos in Blue

More information about me and my work can be found in my online journal at my blog.”

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  1. Fun to see you last Thursday. My email to you always bounces back. Would you like to recommend some plein air places? I will be doing the next three month schedule in the next two weeks.

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