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Masato Watanabe

Watercolors PaintingWatercolorist from Japan


Port 3 - Masato Watanabe

Port 3 – Masato Watanabe

Masato Watanabe lives in Ashiya, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

Perspective drawing and illustration was his work for 26 years, and recently, in 2009 Masato Watanabe began to paint in watercolor attracted by transparency of the medium. His drawing skills were a great base to paint from simple to very complex scenes in watercolor.

Port 1 -  Masato Watanabe

Port 1 – Masato Watanabe

He lives in a town close to mountains and sea and his paintings  include a variety of scenes, but predominantly we will find marine watercolors.

Watercolor 2011 - Masato Watanabe

Watercolor 2011 – Masato Watanabe

Kobe and Kyoto scenes  are the basic motif in his paintings.

You will find a lot of paintings at his WEBSITE 

Port 2 - Masato Watanabe

Port 2 – Masato Watanabe

Watercolor Painting



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