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Pablo Rubén López Sanz – watercolors from Spain


Street scenes and more

This first watercolor shows early time at a small street market



Pablo Rubén López Sanz is an artist from Griñón, a small town to the south of Madrid, and close to the historic city of Toledo. We can imagine he has an unlimited source for paintings due to the close wonderful places.

His background in art

Pablo Rubén has painted almost all his life, during the last ten years he has been dedicated entirely to art.

He learned from several artists in Spain and in the last few years he took workshops with the international known watercolorists Alvaro Castagnet in Gerona and after that with Joseph Zbukvic. We can see their influence but more important is that Pablo Rubén has got his own style.

Mina de basalto

Mina de basalto

He paints oil, acrylic and watercolor, but watercolor is the medium he’s working deeply, as this is the medium that lets him finish the painting in less time and obtaining a more spontaneous result.


In Spain, there are lots of weekend competitions of plain air painting (Pintura al aire libre) or Fast painting (pintura rápida), and Pablo finds watercolor the best way to complete those paintings in 3 or 4 hours.

He likes to paint au plain air, and he always has his watercolors ready to paint or sketch in any place.

Fuenlabrada to the south of Madrid

Fuenlabrada to the south of Madrid

During 2010 he won two important awards in Spain, one of them was  “El Retiro” , competition with more than 800 painters and where he won First Award. Another award won was in “Ejército del Aire Español” competition.

Pablo gets great painting from street scenes where other people see nothing to paint, this is part of the art.

Puerta de Las Rozas - Bridge on the Highway Madrid - La Coruña

Puerta de Las Rozas - Bridge on the Highway Madrid - La Coruña

This bridge is on the Highway Madrid – La Coruña, and was opened on June 2007.

We end with this wonderful painting, one of the bridges to enter Toledo city, crossing the Tajo river. This top view give us a special feeling.



You can find more works also in oil and acrylic visiting his Website

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