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Painting, an Adventure

Watercolors PaintingGerard Hendriks, when the end result counts


Painting with watercolour is for me an exciting adventure!!! says Gerard Hendriks with enthusiasm

Gerard Hendriks was born in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

He is married, lives in Beek en Donk a small village near Eindhoven. He wanted to become an artist at the early age of ten. Gerard says “From the very moment that I could hold a pencil, I started to draw. After a while I also began to use the brush and I have never stopped painting since. „Through the years, I have taught myself all the techniques, from abstract to figurative and combinations of both.”

Gerard Hendriks -  Chianti met druiven hml 600gr 57x38cm

Gerard Hendriks – Chianti met druiven hml 600gr 57x38cm

Sport, dancing and still-lives are themes that Hendriks has painted for years. Nowadays it is wildlife and flowers that inspires him. “For years I have made realistic oil paintings of still-lives and animals, however, after a while this way of painting became less and less satisfactory. Everything was there, true to reality, but to my mind the painting lacked something. I could not put my heart into my work and the results did not surprise me anymore.”

Gerard Hendriks - Birds

Gerard Hendriks – Birds

Hendriks decided to start working with Watercolor in  a “less strict and more relaxed” way. “I really enjoy the free and more abstract style, because I can put my heart into it. Birds, animals, people, still-lives and other objects remain recognisable, but the colour does not have to be necessarily realistic.”

Gerard Hendriks - Cow 38x57cm hm Tiepolo 450gr

Gerard Hendriks – Cow 38x57cm hm Tiepolo 450gr

The artist puts his subjects down in a flashing and colourful way in watercolour paint, “The way I use the paint, makes it a regular surprise as to how it will look in the end. I also feel free to scribble, sketch and splashing. Only the artistic end-result counts. It is my intention that the spectator is involved in giving his or her own meaning to the painting. For me it’s an exciting adventure, a kind of safari from behind the easel.” I paint every day, partly because I have pleasure in it makes me happy and partly to learn ( an athlete must also work to get better ). I regularly give Workshops en Demonstrations.


Please visit his website for more information

Watercolors Painting

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