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Ramesh Jhawar – watercolors from India

Watercolors Painting·

From oils to watercolors

Ramesh Jhawar was born in India in 1978. In recent years he developed his own style and we show a small selection of his artwork.

calm pond - Ramesh Jhawar

calm pond - Ramesh Jhawar

Ramesh tells us about his experiences and work


I was always passionate about drawing and painting since childhood. But being born in a family of traditional merchants, I could not formally study art. I completed my graduation in commerce instead and stepped into my family business. Art for me was just a hobby which took a back seat at that time.

It was only when I was introduced to oil paints by a friend, I got hooked to painting again, so much so, that I started devoting most of my time to painting and pursue this as my profession.

Vivid Wall - Ramesh Jhawar

Vivid Wall - Ramesh Jhawar


After painting for a few years in oil and acrylics , I rediscovered the beauty of the watercolor medium after seeing the works of the Indian masters like Milind Mulick and John Fernandes and I was immediately bitten by the watercolor bug! I find a certain joy in painting with watercolors which was missing in other mediums. The luminosity and the vibrancy of the medium is just unmatched.

I have been painting with watercolors for over 3 years now and each day it is a new learning experience for me.

A Bright Morning - Ramesh Jhawar

A Bright Morning - Ramesh Jhawar


I paint in a realist style and my subject matter is not limited to any one category. I choose my subjects from very mundane scenes of everyday life that people often overlook and fail to see the beauty that lies therein. My aim in painting is to capture the beauty of those ordinary scenes in my paintings and let the viewers feel and enjoy the beauty and appreciate it themselves.

Marina beach, Chennai - Ramesh Jhawar

Marina beach, Chennai - Ramesh Jhawar


I have several shows to my credit and have sold many paintings in India and also other countries like US, Spain and Australia.”

His work can be followed in his Website

Erode Street - Ramesh Jhawar

Erode Street - Ramesh Jhawar

Watercolors Painting


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