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Ron Morrison, paintings with cars and…

Watercolors Painting


Paintings with a style and a subject


Ron Morrison was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia.
He is  self-taught and have spent the majority of his life working in construction so that he could “buy” time to paint.

Ron began painting watercolors in 1976 and for sure, if you have seen his paintings, you can recognize an own style.

Cars 5 Ron Morrison

Cars - Ron Morrison

There are always or almost always old cars in his paintings. But he doesn’t paint cars, he paints studied scenes in wich cars are part of the composition.

The use of color is great in each car part of that composition.

Cars 6 Ron Morrison

Cars - Ron Morrison

Let’s know what Ron tells us about his art and why he paints these subjects

I have a spotty employment history and have struggled with my addiction to painting.I live on Vancouver Island with my wife and two mini-weenies, ride my motorcycle around paradise looking for good photo-ops. And I paint a little colour, light and shapes.

I am self-taught, borrowing what I need and figuring out the rest for myself. I want to be an honest painter, maybe less sophisticated, but with a minimum of cliche, gimmickry or facile stylings. Substance and genuineness, all be it with a touch of whimsy and humour, is what I am after.

When I was a kid, I wanted to restore an old car.

I went to the Interior of B.C. to look for something I could work on. I found a bunch of old cars and I took lots of pictures. When I got home and had the photos developed, I found that I had quite a few beautiful pictures of “old stuff”.

Cars 7 Ron Morrison

Cars - Ron Morrison

Since I didn’t have much hope of actually working on cars in my apartment I thought I would try painting them. I had used watercolours in school and in Art in the Park, a summer recreation program, so they were the convenient choice. I soon found that not only did I love old cars but watercolour had become my passion.

So I have a favourite subject and a favourite medium, I consider myself very lucky. I have always wanted my work to be fun, original and not really “car” paintings but paintings with cars, houses or boats in them. Over the years painting has become the most important thing, but cars remain a fun subject for me. I create all my “scenes” from my imagination, they didn’t exist before I conjured them.”

Cars 8 Ron Morrison

Cars - Ron Morrison

We are sure after these few images you will be tempted to look for more, so here you have some links:

Ron Morrison Blog

Ron Morrison in Perez Fine Art Gallery

Watercolors Painting


  1. Congratulations for the new Blog!, special for watercolorists, to Fernando Pena and Ron Morrison both my friends and excellent artists, my best regards and wishes.

  2. Great work! As the sister to three ‘car addicts’ I can appreciate your affection for them, but even more as a watercolor artist, I really like your approach to painting them on paper.

  3. A truly amazing article. Thanks for sharing you’re wealth of knowledge with us once again. It’s no wonder your blog does so well. Your site is well thought out, graphically impressive and full of great advice.

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