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Script brush – Robert Simmons

White Sable Script Series 750

Robert Simmons brushes were introduced in 1972 and since then we have seen increased the offer of these brushes.

Today we want to evaluate one of the called “White Sable“, the Script Series 750. It comes in several sizes. The white sable is the term used for this synthetic white filaments. These brushes are characterized for the lenght of the filaments and the capacity to hold water and pigment.

Robert Simmons script brus

Robert Simmons script brush

The Script Series 750 form a sharp point and can be used in many ways, from the traditional using its point to “draw”, “write” or paint thin to medium lines, and you can use the brush flat to paint one stroke lines of the fiber lenght.

With use, the fiber is dyed mainly by pigments such as prussian blue, but this fact does not affect the characteristics of use of the brush. In the next picture we see a Script brush that has several years of use and remains as useful as the first time.

Script brush with use

Script brush with use

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