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Shanghai Zhujiajiao Watercolour Biennial – Exhibitors list (1)

This is the first part of exhibitors list, by country, ordered by second name. Those awarded watercolors are indicated.


David Burge – Brides by Design

Helen Cottle – Winter Beauty, Australia – Poppy Magic

Janine Gallizia – End of Cycle – One More Time

Sandra Hendy – Industrial Power – Rock Designs

Ross Paterson – Drifting Cloud, Victoria – Summer, Vic

Charles Sluga – The Big Top

Brian StrattonHeadland Driftwood, Crook Haven (Award)

Robert Wade – In the Valley of the Li – Corner of the Imperial Palace

Colleen Werner – Diploglottis Campbelli— Small Leafed Tamarind

Joseph Zbukvic – Final Effort – Interlude (Award)

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