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Step by Step – using reference image

Four steps to the final painting

Step 1 – the drawing

This is a step by step using our recent free image for reference, you can download it from previous post.

The first step is the drawing of main elements and horizon line, do not draw too many details but be precise on your drawing.

Use 2B or 4B pencil


Step 1 - the drawing

Step 2 – The first wash

Remember that the reference image is just that, just a reference, so you can change colors according to your needs, this time we’ll add some colors to the sky including Burnt Sienna, paint the sky as fast as you can and do not retouch it.

As you can see we painted it really wet, look at the paper

Step 2 - the first wash

Step 3 – The painting

This is the step where we begin to define the complete painting, less water and more pigment.

Step 3 - the painting

at this step we define the background, middle and foreground and during this step we need to achieve the depth in the painting.

Step 4 – the details

This is the final step, we need to add some details, painting almost dry and painting the darkest darks. This was the final step for this painting, the time to think: I must stop painting.

Step 4 - final details

We hope you try your version of this painting. Please let us know if you want to see Step by Steps on next reference images.

Good luck with your painting.

Painting: Fernando Pena contribution

Watercolors Painting .

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