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Sterling Edwards

Watercolors PaintingAn own style


Sterling Edwards is a contemporary watermedia master and photographer born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1951. At age twelve, he was enrolled in oil painting classes . He quickly learned the basic skills to execute an oil painting with a strong composition and expressive brushwork. From that time until the present he has been intrigued with art of all mediums and has taken advantage of every opportunity to expand his knowledge and skills.

Neapolitan Life - Sterling Edwards

Neapolitan Life - Sterling Edwards

In 1985 Sterling began studying and experimenting with water based mediums; primarily transparent watercolors and acrylics. Influenced by watercolor master and friend Zoltan Szabo, he spent several years developing his own unique style of painting watercolors. Most ofSterling’s paintings are interpretive statements that reflect his love of the outdoors. Using primarily large brushes, his main objective is to create and expressive and unique interpretive painting that is a choreographed balance of interlocking shapes, strong light and dark values, and unusual colors. The result is an expressive painting that is often a balance of abstract and representational design that captures the mood and dynamics of the subject as interpreted by Sterling.

Sit a Spell - Sterling Edwards

Sit a Spell - Sterling Edwards

In 1993 Sterling began teaching his style of painting watercolor at workshops throughout North Carolina where he now resides.  As his reputation as an accomplished watercolor artist and teacher rapidly grew, he was requested to conduct workshops in neighboring states. Today, Sterling’s workshops are attended by hundreds of people annually throughout the United States and Canada.

The Flavor of Utah - Sterling Edwards

The Flavor of Utah - Sterling Edwards

He was a featured artist in the fall 2001 issue of Watercolor Magic Magazine in an article titled, “Ones to watch” and has been featured in numerous newspaper articles. In 2007 he was awarded signature member status in the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, an international organization based in Toronto, Canada that recognizes those who have mastered transparent watercolor. Also in 2007 Sterling designed and introduced a signature set of watercolor brushes and a watercolor palette that are marketed internationally. He is a co-founder of the Rusty Nail Painters, an international invitation group of professional artists that meet every two years for an intense week of painting, exchange of ideas, and philosophical discussions about art theory and techniques.

Too Few Nails - Sterling Edwards

Too Few Nails - Sterling Edwards

In 2010 he was awarded signature membership status in the esteemed Transparent Watercolor Society of America.  That same year he was selected as a featured artist in the book, “Best ofAmericaWatermedia Artists” published by Kennedy Publishing Company. He is the author of the North Light book” Creating Luminous Watercolor Landscapes, a Four Step Process”, published by F+W Publishing Company and is a contributing artist in numerous magazines and books. TodaySterling’s book, signature line of products, and instructional DVD’s are marketed world wide. His award winning watermedia paintings are in private and corporate collections throughout the world and he is represented by several galleries in the U.S and Canada. He works from his home studio and his commercial studio in Hendersonville, North Carolina located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

You can find additional information and works at his WEBSITE

Watercolor Painting

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  1. I bought brushes from you at Dillman’s on Thursday. I couldn’t get that navy blue abstract painting out of my mind….
    I tried to catch up with you there, but I missed you. Is it for sale?
    Your paintings are beautiful. Wish we could have talked more at Dillman’s.
    Love you work, Bette Reko

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