Stan Miller

Watercolor and more

Stan Miller was born in Southeastern South Dakota in 1949.

Stan tells the way he was started in art
“I remember, when I must have been quite young, watching my older brother Greg draw. He was good. In the third grade our teacher taught us perspective, how to make a road go back and disappear into the mountains. I never forgot how to do that. When I was seven or eight years old, our family took a trip to Wisconsin to visit a friend of my Dads. He was a professional watercolorist. I remember the drive through the woods, walking up to his front door, through the entry, looking up at the walls as soon as I entered the house. I wanted to see his paintings. Randy Penner. I’ll never forget that name or that trip and the influence it had on me. Continue reading



Watercolor from Poland

Architecture and more in watercolor   Tytus Brzozowski an architect and watercolorist from Poland. Having strong knowledge of perspective and architecture concepts, he adds a surrealistict touch to an imagined world for his watercolors. Tytus  Brzozowski tells us, “The beginnings  of … Continue reading