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Taking care of your brush

Tips for taking care of your brush

In special, natural hair brushes are those that we pretend to preserver as it was the first day.

Escoda tells us how to properly take care of our brushes:


“Cleaning a watercolor brush is relatively easy, since the nature of the paintings for this technique does not require thinner products.

First step

Submerge your brush in water (logically before the paint starts to dry) and helping with the tip of your fingers, remove the hair paint mainly from the heart of the lock, because if you leave traces of paint, this would tend to open when dry the bundle of hair.

Second step

The next maneuver will clear the lock with a mild soap (Escoda sells a very suitable for this purpose) rinse it with enough water and dry with a towel or paper towels.

Third step

The last operation consists in damping the lock with olive oil give the shape we found it at purchase time. Olive oil also preserve the elasticity of the fine hairs and synthetic fibers, move away forever the dreaded moth, the main enemy of these subjects hair.

We hope these tips help you to preserve your brushes.

Watercolors Painting

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