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Thierry Duval – Paris in detail

Watercolors Painting·

A work to be studied and ejoyed

La place Dauphine et le pont Neuf -Thierry Duval

La place Dauphine et le pont Neuf -Thierry Duval

Thierry Duval was born in Paris, France in 1968.

His watercolors are characterized by a strong light and precision in drawing, being almost or hiperrealist in the results mainly in his Paris watercolors.

By using glazing technique he works in several steps up to get the final, very realistic result. As was said, light is strong in almost all his artworks.

Sorbonne - Thierry Duval

Sorbonne – Thierry Duval

Thierry Duval is a sensitive and accurate observer of nature and the city.

Paris is painted in depth  streets, buildings, catés, bridges, all you can imagine about this wonderful city.

But not only Paris is his subject, you will find diversity at his website.

Bouquiniste Paris - Thierry Duval

Bouquiniste Paris – Thierry Duval

He exhibits his works in Palo Alto, California ,US since 2007.

Thierry has exhibited in France and abroad, and he was awarded several times in exhibitions.

You can find detailed information visiting his WEBSITE

Monde riant Beaubourg - Thierry Duval

Monde riant Beaubourg – Thierry Duval

All images are copyright by Thierry Duval

Watercolor Painting

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  1. Bonjour,
    Merci pour ce site très intéressant sur l’art et les artistes.
    Merci pour l’intérêt que vous portez sur mes aquarelles, et la diffusion de mon travail sur le web !
    Thierry DUVAL.

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