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Trevor Lingard – painting loose


The style of Trevor Lingard


Trevor Lingard was born in  the Lancashire mill town of Accrington, UK.

He lives in the village of Sabden nestled in the historic witch country of  Pendle Hill by the Ribble Valley.

Ballet dancers waiting their performance, theater is waiting full of people

Ballet dancers by Trevor Lingard

The subjects Trevor paints are varied, you can find scenes in the street and it may be in Machester city or Venice or whatever nice place you can think about. Or you can see a scene in a beach, in a theater, in a “gondola” or a market.

But you always will find people painted, and maybe people, characters are the center of his painting, figures walkin in a park, a crowded street, the beach, sitting waiting or playing some sport.

What you will find is a wonderful loose style to paint figures.

Manchester city, loose painting

A Manchester scene by Trevor Lingard

We always will find the characteristic economy of details and brushstrokes and the use of a limited palette, not an easy task  because the artist mus have a good sense of abstraction. enjoying the beach

At the beach by Tervor Lingard

We can find some influence of well known artists such as Trevor Chamberlain, John Yardley and Ken Howard, but obviusly Trevor Lingard has his own and recognizable style, this fact has consolidated his reputation and we can find his watercolors in galleries, exhibitions and private collections.

Venice St. Mark square

Venice St. Mark Square by Trevor Lingard

Ah Venice… what a wonderful place to visit, to walk by the narrow streets and alleys, to sit at one of the St. Mark Square (Piazza San Marcos) to drink a coffee and listen to the music and enjoy the musicians there. And why not, to have this scene painted by Trevor.

day at the races

Day at the races, by Trevor Lingard

There is much more to know about Trevor Lingard and his work, that’s the reason to visit his website and blog . You will find an extense show of his art as well as some very interesting videos with demos of Trevor Lingar painting.

Watercolors Painting

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