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Watercolor from Poland

Watercolors PaintingArchitecture and more in watercolor


Tytus Brzozowski an architect and watercolorist from Poland. Having strong knowledge of perspective and architecture concepts, he adds a surrealistict touch to an imagined world for his watercolors.

Tytus  Brzozowski tells us,

“The beginnings  of my two passions are related to  Warsaw School of Architecture,  well known of its sensitivity to drawing and arts.

For me those two elements are  strongly connected. Both in architecture and in painting I care about texture, mood and light. I feel the same excitement while designing space to be useful and interesting for its users as while creating scenes in my watercolors.

tytus brzozowski_01

tytus brzozowski_01

I’m a passionate of the city, it’s bustle and mood. In my paintings I try to find the noise and movement of urban spaces. I am a great admirer of my hometown – Warsaw. This city inspires me and encourages me to work.

Tytus Brzozowski_03

Tytus Brzozowski_03

I am under strong influence of Nordic design and spirit. I have always appreciated a lot northern architecture  and in 2008 I moved for two years to Finland for studies and architectural practice. I believe this time of harsh conditions of Finnish climate, the specific light, nature, simple and clear architecture, modest and friendly people were the best school of perception of  the world I could ever get.

Tytus Brzozowski_08

Tytus Brzozowski_08

Important element of my art education was traveling. I made several journeys with my painters friends, learning and training the basics of nature rights such as light and shadow, reflections, colors, perspective. Now, creating my own spaces and places I try to make them unique. I’m using surrealistic elements or tricks with perspective and light to find more emotions, to make the painting more magic or mysterious.”

Tytus Brzozowski_09

Tytus Brzozowski_09

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Watercolors Painting

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