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Watercolor Painting – Escoda Reserva 1212 Series

“La crème de la crème”

The Escoda Reserva 1212 Series is a brush with identical features and utilities as described for the Optimo 1210 Series. However there are three basic differences:

Escoda Reserva 1212 series

Escoda Reserva 1212 series

1 – the ferrule in golden brass (thin layer of gold of 18 K)

2 – and Handle is burgundy color.

3 – But the basic difference lies in the hair, because although both are made of Kolinsky sable, the 1212 Reserve is the variety Tajmyr, animals that reproduce only in the peninsula of the same name in the northernmost part of Siberia and that its extreme temperatures, the resulting hair has an optimal nerve that forms the very best point that watercolorists need.

Paraphrasing the famous French phrase, we have the “crème de la crème”.

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