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Watercolor Painting – Escoda Optimo 1310 Series

Escoda 1310 Kolinksy

A unique brush

A new Kolinsky sable hair brush with a unique characteristic, it is actually two brushes: a small inserted into the heart of a larger one, which when impregnated with painting acquires a really great tip.

With this, you get long lines fed by the brush base that acts as a deposit. The ferrul and handle like the 1210 Series, is Nickeled brass and with blue handle.

It is made from No. 2 (2.02 mm. In diameter), 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 (9.7 mm.).

Brush well suited to get lean and broad strokes without lifting the brush. Like all models in the long strand carries a special cap with the longest.


Escoda 1310 Kolinksy

Escoda 1310 Kolinksy

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