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Watercolor paper – part II

A guide on how to select paper for watercolor painting

We’ll analyze just artistic or professional paper, as this is the paper to use in order to obtain the best results.


Paper surface

There are ususlly 3 different surfaces available

  • Rough
  • Cold- pressed
  • Hot-pressed

Rough paper has the most visible texture on the paper surface, and it is the most used kind of paper  by professional artists in conjunction with cold-pressed. Textures by using dry brushstrokes and other techniques as well as the need to get graining in the painting are simpler to obtain in this paper.

Cold-pressed paper (also known as “Not”) has a medium rough texture, maybe it’s in the middle of Rough and Hot Pressed

Hot-pressed is comparing the three, the one who has a smooth and ninely grained surface. It can be more suitable for paintings needing even washes of color.

Weight of paper is another very important characteristic of paper, and this will be the topic in our Part III

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