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Watercolor paper – part IV

Size and presentation

This is the last part on general information about watercolor artist paper, and today it’s time to talk about size of paper, the other factor you need to have in mind when buying paper.

There are several presentations and sizes


Blocks must be used mainly in travels or to sketch in plain air, but you are restricted to that size, so this does not seem the best option if you plan a final watercolor. There are several sizes, and kind of paper, so let’s say it is good to have one at your disposition but not for general use


This is maybe the most useful presentation of paper, size is in general 22″ x 30″ (56 cm x 76 cm) and you can use the whole sheet of course, a nice size to paint, or cut it to your needs, so you have freedom at the time to select the size of your painting.

Do you need a narrow painting? just cut the sheet to your needs. Do you need a non usual size? just cut it


If you need maximum flexibility, then rolls must be your choice, same kind of paper but in rolls, so you can paint really big and impressive watercolors, or cut the paper really at your need.

The only issue is that paper has “memory” and it tends to preserve the curve of the roll, but you can wet it after you have cutted the paper to the size you need.

On the othe hand, if you are sending your work for an exhibition, big size paintings have more impact than small ones, let’s compare a 1 meter square painting and a quarter sheet… you quarter sheet is almost inexistent…

Another difference, if you paint a quarter sheet you move your wristle with the brush, if you paint big, the brush shows your arm movement, and it shows clearly.

So use the size and presentation that goes with your need, but the most important is to enjoy your painting.

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