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Watercolors in Ecuador – Manuel Garcia


A country and the people

Manuel García was born in Píntag, Ecuador in 1956.

Josefina portrait

Josefina portrait - Manuel Garcia

His art studies began in 1977 at the Instituto Superior de Artes Plásticas Daniel Reyes,

San Antonio de Ibarra, Ecuador. After that, in 1981  Academia Di Belle Arti Pietro Vannucci, Perugia, Italy and with professor Giuliano Giuman also in Italy.

During 1988 he studied with bolivian master  José Rodríguez Sánchez and finally in 2001 Arte Virreinal, Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deportes. Madrid-España.

Manuel got several awards in exhibitions. His painting shows Equador, the people and the land.

Calle General Píntag

Calle General Píntag - Manuel Garcia

On the occasion of one of the exhibitions by Manuel García, José María Arévalo wrote:

The painting of Manuel Garcia is part of the tradition of manners, no doubt.  Manuel Garcia shows us the landscape and people, as scenes of his native Pintag.

The attentive observer wonders whether this is mere folkloric paintings, actual description of lands, people, customs and folklore, or have a purpose beyond the mere pictorial representation of the facts. There is certainly a nostalgic tone, especially when you pick up those faces which are already becoming more rare, which reflects the life of a land.

Rosa María

Rosa María - Manuel Garcia

The main quality of watercolor, difficult technique that has made this exhibition, which is transparency, is present in the work of Manuel Garcia to the characters portrayed, especially the elderly, which seems to tell us his life and miracles. What is conveyed in its landscapes, the treatment of light, special light equatorial what has been called the eternal spring.

In sharp contrast, the landscape of everyday places, issues closed doors and patios to light, open materia, almost hyperrealist, where the pigment accumulates to prevent the passage of light that now seems far too in excess.

Lights and shadows in order, transparency and opacity, to shape an attractive account of the land so well known. Extraordinary exhibition of landscape and its people also extraordinary.”
Camino de San Juanito
Camino de San Juanito – Manuel Garcia
For more information on Manuel Garcia artwork visit his WEBSITE

Watercolors Painting


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