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Watercolors Painting – Escoda watercolor brushes

The first chapter will cover Escoda brushes

We will start this section, “The Brush of the Week” by having an in depth analysis of the well known Escoda brushes.

First of all we want to thank in particular Mr. Josep Escoda, who contributed with the information about brushes and care that we will share in the next posts.

Escoda is a company in its 75 anniversary, installed in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula, 25 km outside Barcelona, Spain.

From 1933  until now quite possibly 75.000.000 brushes have been manufactured, all handmade and following deep-rooted traditional procedures by Escoda.

Escoda was the first brush manufacturer in Europe to be awarded the ISO UNE-ISO 9001/100 Quality Certificate. This prestigious recognition is the result of devotion in line with continuous improvement in the design and quality of its brushes.


Escoda says: “There are no machines to make quality artist brushes. Our machines are our hands, nails, fingertips, touch, intuition and the innate skill of every operator with their many years of practice and experience. All these qualities combine to perform the miracle of creating a brush.

Beginning tomorrow we’ll start this section, stay tuned

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