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Andy Evansen

Watercolors Painting

Color and light in loose Watercolor

Andy began painting Watercolors in mid 1990’s. There are two characteristics that identify Andy’s painting, use of color and the light in every watercolor.

Andy Evansen - Evening at Bethesda Fountain

Andy Evansen – Evening at Bethesda Fountain

He has studied with well known watercolorists such as Alvaro Castagnet, Skip Lawrence and Eric Weigardt in addition to his self-taught experience. Winner of several important awards, Andy also teaches workshops all around the United States.

You can also find publications in the main watercolor magazines. A detailed description of these can be found at his ejoyable Website.

Andy Evansen - Coming Ashore, Two Harbors

Andy Evansen – Coming Ashore, Two Harbors

He served as President of the Minnesota Watercolor Society, and his award-winning paintings are in collections on four continents. Recently he was awarded the Bronze Medal of Honor at the 2012 American Watercolor Society Exhibition.

Andy tells us about his career:

“When I decided some 20 years ago to become a painter, there was never any question in my mind what medium I would choose.  Watercolor has always fascinated me, the effects of pigment and water mixing on paper are so unique and challenging and the results so beautiful.
Then there were my painting idols; John Singer Sargent, Winslow Homer, Charles Reid, and Trevor Chamberlain, among  others.  All managed to make watercolor look so easy despite it being the most difficult medium to  master.  
Andy Evansen - Coming Ashore, Two Harbors

Andy Evansen – Coming Ashore, Two Harbors

Watercolor painting, to me, is about making a direct statement.   I have no interest in spending 2 months on a painting.  That much forced control deprives the medium of its very essence
I believe the best way to engage a viewer is to pique their interest with strong shapes and a nice composition, then allow them to ‘fill in the blanks’ with implied details.  
While learning, I painted strictly from photographs, and am glad I took that route.  There are so many pitfalls with watercolor, as it relies on a strong drawing, good timing and tricky wash control.  I now paint ‘en plein air’ as well, which has reinforced my efforts of picking a strong, simple subject and working quickly, two important elements in what everyone considers a loose painting style.”
Andy Evansen - Navigating the Pearl

Andy Evansen – Navigating the Pearl

Do not forget to visit his website and enjoy a full range of watercolors.

Watercolors Painting

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