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From Poland to the World

Michał Jasiewicz

Michał Jasiewicz is an Architect and Watercolorist from Poland.
He says architect by profession and watercolorist by passion, and his works really show passion for art and watercolor technique.

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Watercolor Michał Jasiewicz

Watercolor Michał Jasiewicz

Being also son of an architect, drawing was always in his life. But his watercolors show much more than a good drawing, show composition, freshness, some abstraction and a deep knowledge of watercolor techniques.

Watercolor Michał Jasiewicz

Watercolor Michał Jasiewicz

Some paintings are more “tonalist” and other “colorist” but there is a regonizable style we can see in his works. And he has a very extensive quality production.

The blue color seems to play an important role in many of his works in our opinion, maybe due to the climate in Poland.

Watercolor Michał Jasiewicz

Watercolor Michał Jasiewicz

He began painting seriously 10 years ago. He run workshops during 2015 and 2016 (in France and Poland) having already announced workshops for 2017 in France and Spain. You can look at his website for dates and new workshops.

Michał Jasiewicz tells us he works in studio most the time. He says “In our climate this is the only chance to paint daily.
Moreover – as a father – I have some duties along the day and quite often painting in night is the only option for me.”

Watercolor Michał Jasiewicz

Watercolor Michał Jasiewicz

Anyway we could see Michał Jasiewicz painting on location during his workshops and enjoying that.
He has several solo and group exhibitions both in Poland and abroad.

We strongly recommend visiting his website and taking into account his facebook posts.

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